Cupa Skore 05.12.2015 - Baia Mare

Skore Cup 05.12.2015 – Baia Mare

For the first time since I practice orienteering, a contest took place exactly on my birthday , having  a beautiful weather , with a temperature of 5 degrees , unusual in December, when snow should have already covering the ground. And what more I could want for my birthday , but run in the competition , not just any type, but a Skore stage .

In choosing the route between controls I have taken into account my preparation and physical condition, so that I would not have to climb too much to final part due to fatigue , so in conclusion I aimed to take the hill in the chest as early in then running as possible, so all to be easy and pleasant .

I hesitated at control 14 , where I lost a minute, but did not really have what to do with it anyway. I adjusted the route throughout all the route depending on the time remaining for  50 minutes (this was time given for my category ) and the result turned out to be just fine as I was the winner occupying first place.

Cupa Skore 05.12.2015 - Baia Mare
Cupa Skore 05.12.2015 – Baia Mare


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