Campionatul National ULD 11.10.2015 - Coruia (Maramures)

ULD Championship 11.10.2015 – Coruia (Maramures)

After the sudden disappearance of coach Racz Karoly , I kept postponing the moment until I felt able to write down it in an article.

Mr. Racz was the organizer of all editions, including the last ULD Championship at Mountain Bike Orienteering. He worked hard all year to provide a new area to delight all participants and he managed to do this.

It was planned that I will go to a birthday party in Hungary, but due to the weather forecast, a few days before leaving I have learned that we stay home. So, the weather was terrible, it was pouring and I was initially not decided to go because it is not indicated for me at all. However, I could not miss the opportunity to bike on a new map, especially as I was home, and I did it. I had only two sections where I could not advance on the bike because it was too muddy(section 1-2 of the station, and the station by 7), but otherwise the route was beautifull. Below is the map and the route.

Campionatul National ULD 11.10.2015 - Coruia (Maramures)
Campionatul National ULD 11.10.2015 – Coruia (Maramures)
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